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Scene Title: Valentine's Day Cockolate

Storyline: It's Valentine's Day and Stephanie wants her boyfriend Johnny to get her a really big gift. Being the creative and romantic type, Johnny thinks of the perfect gift and that is a big dick in a box of chocolates.

Teen: Stephanie Cane

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What people are saying about: Stephanie Cane - Valentine's Day Cockolate teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

mdiphillipo said: My last GF looked ALMOST exactly like you... What I HATED about this sceene is that although you made me want to fuck you silly, your PHONY OMG BIG COCK faces turned me off... My ex once siad to me (To be cruel) that I should get a pump, and I did... I actually drew blood from the skin using it in an effort to be bigger... I rebutted this by telling her that her c--t stunk... Long story short, she told me she bought femanine hygene products and myself a pump. After the fight was over she asked me if it reallt stunk and I told her NO. Then I asked her if I were small.... She told me I was the best sex ever and she had had HUGE guys.... Based on this sceene I want the truth... Does size matter???

Comment #2

BigLRock said: Let me start by saying, Stephanie looks great, a little extra weight, and her boob job, is just right, nothing over the top, like some other recent stars, that got the surgery. Now about the teens like it big scene, the intercourse was very enjoyable, but a little slow, the camera views were very good, especially the over the top view, which I feel should be used during every missionary, and doggy positions. The only fault in this one, the setting could have been different, and the story a little bit. Overall, a real solid scene, I loved the ending!

Comment #3

pomade1 said: Goodness gracious those socks are awesome. How about Addison Rose in some nice cute sock or some argyle knee highs....perhaps a 'bigtitsatschool' scene durin' an afterschool activity or somethin'....I know ya'll have probably re-hashed some of the same ol' ideas. Maybe I'll drop a line for somethin' extra kinky. Like some drama class sheezy, that'd be dope.

Comment #4

MissSnoogans! said: Thanks for the double dip of Johnny, Yancee. You made up for last Thursday fo sho. It's like Johnny knocked off his professor then went to her house and fucked her daughter. Scene should of been Johnny pleading for pussy for Valentine's Day. You know like he still hasn't hit. Her reply being well I want something very big on that day. I don't think I've ever been much impressed with Steph until today. Actually has nothing to do with the Greek God either. That reverse cowgirl when she leaned forward and the camera was at the perfect angle was spectacular. Then she was on her feet fucking during most of that cowgirl was splendid. When he was in control and hearing the skin on skin smacking. You knew he was fucking her with some authority. Was that Brando's voice doing the ringing, haha? Johnny is three for three with Valentine's Day theme. Snoogans!

Comment #5

KORNxFR3AK said: she got just the right amount of work done on her tits. not too big, not too little. seen doesnt look half bad either

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