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Teens Like It Big presents: Kacey Jordan sneaking in a big cock to play with

Scene Title: Sneak In Fuck

Storyline: Kacey's dad was sleeping so she told her boyfriend to sneak around back and come in. He thought the plan was nuts but when it worked and he was led to Kacey's room, he just had to tell her that his cock was very huge and she would be intimidated by it. Well he was right about the intimidation, but that didn't last long...She was all over that dick like she had never seen one...

Teen: Kacey Jordan

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What people are saying about: Kacey Jordan - Sneak In Fuck teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

whitey101 said: she's the most beautiful girl in porn,she has beautiful eyes,and her mouth is simply amazing,her fat juicy lips,are beautiful,and her ass is perfect,not to mention her pussy,no other girl even comes close to having a beautiful pussy like that in any porn site,if i was her though i would invest in some tits,because then she would be the best,hands down,i would love to fuck her. John.

Comment #2

NocNoc1 said: Decent, if not great, looking chick...and she knows hot to fuck. Not bad. What I liked most about this update was that she kept her bra on for half of it; this is *EXACTLY* what most flat-chested women will do in real-life, because they want their tits to look as big as possible for as long as possible. It added to it. Although, if you're worried about your breast size, you can always just pony up a couple grand and do things the right way...

Comment #3

jobo88 said: Very good scene. One of the best teens like it big scenes yet. Girl is hot and I just love Her full pussy lips.--Go slow,please...slow,slow pleeease.Hehehe--Very sexy scene.Two thumbs up.I usually like the busty girls,but this one has super sex appeal.I would like to see Her again.Good job by the knothead too.Stays hard and good popshot.

Comment #4

robb201 said: Nice teens like it big scene. Not the hottest girl around, but she fucked pretty good and the whole scenario of sneaking her boyfriend in was hot. I liked how she tried to keep herself quiet by covering her mouth and when she wasn't he would try to. Made the scene much more realistic. Finally she said she didn't care just fuck her...nice addition. This scene was decent. 8/10.

Comment #5

_ said: Brazzers you guys need to get more ANAL on this site! in the next dozen future updates there is only 1 anal scene shown coming up. It's the number one fetish yet you guys are completely ignoring it lately. Brazzers is too focued on tit sites, you have mulitple tit sites yet only 1 that has anal on a regular basis (big wett butts) and it's updated less frequently than the others. Please add more booty/anal sites!

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