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Scene Title: Sneak Peek

Storyline: Morgan met this guy at an after hours and he decided to invite her back to his house. When Keiran introduced himself to Morgan his cock was fully exposed. The friend left and Keiran pounded the shit out of her for his friend who was left with no girl and nothing to do...

Teen: Morgan Layne

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What people are saying about: Morgan Layne - Sneak Peek teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Scotsman23 said: Morgan is hot. She looks stunning in my opinion. Perhaps a bit too skinny but theres not much hotter than seeing a skinny petite girl with huge boobs take big cock. You can tell shes not too experienced in porn yet but that comes with more scenes. Shes not like the other performers you guys all love that have been doing porn since before this chick was probably even born. HOT scene and looking forward to more of the sexy Morgan Layne.

Comment #2

frobag1 said: A hot little chick! The teens like it big scene was over-run though. Brazzers; some filmografical rythm and quality-checks may be on it's place sometimes. Better to watch a 15 minutes flick of "highlights" than dwelling through what seems to be allmost unedited material. Look to the european directors on how to make catchy, intensive porn! Once again, Morgan is LOVELY with a little dirty look in her eyes. Having said that, I love your site, and I'm very happy to be one of your new members.

Comment #3

robb201 said: Not into this girl too much. I think she looked bored in this scene, she's too skinny, and the short hair is not a good look. I hate girls with short hair. The scenario was alright, but the execution was weak. The sex was boring. Overall, an average update at best. 5/10

Comment #4

rioman69 said: no.....not good. come on doctor dan. I hear what you're saying...but dude, (and I am guessing your a dude), HAVE you seen other scenes on this site? other girls? comparably this is below average at best. not the worst, but a big C minus in looks, acting, sex, and tease. (F for tease). Can't wait for the next scene already. We are WAY overdue for a really hot Teen on this site soon. Its been a few weeks already!!!

Comment #5

kerseb2350 said: Is she alive? I have seen more emotion in a wax museum. Oh God Uh Uh Oh Yeah Uh Uh isn't very enthusiastic or exciting. Give her some stuff by Tory Lane to watch and give her some pixie sticks or another pure sugar product! I know this Teens like it big site has potential but none of the girls know what to say, how to get excited, or how to suck a cock! We all went to high school and know there are girls out there that aren't on screen but can screw way better then these chicks!

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