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Scene Title: Fuck I.D.

Storyline: Nicole Grey and her friends are ready to party, only problem is they're not old enough. Armed with fake i.d.'s and push up bras they head out to the brand new club "B". After Nicole's i.d. is refused, the only thing left to do is convince the bouncer to let her in by letting him in her first.

Teen: Nicole Grey

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What people are saying about: Nicole Grey - Fuck I.D. teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Ryan0121 said: the girl is great. is the stud her lame ass boy friend or something? what the hell was that all about. i couldn't even watch the whole teens like it big scene. bring her back and let scott or somebody break her in proper

Comment #2

rusden09 said: now i know what a truly perfect body looks like... too bad she's fucking this amateur. she deserves to be fucked by a man who can control and direct her. please bring her back for more! sexiest littlest thing I've seen in a while

Comment #3

gooeyfingers said: It's always good to see a new face as far as the male talent goes (go ahead with the gay comments fuckers) but i get sick of seeing either played out old guys or completely unnatural looking 'roid monsters fucking these little chicks. it's great to have some believability, they looked roughly the same age, and he performed damn well! i would have busted as soon as my balls smacked against that perfect ass.

Comment #4

zipperman said: Wow, she is really cute. Nice teens like it big scene. Nic has an awesome body, especially considering it is all natural and she is so young, That ass is amazing!! Hopefully she will be back soon.

Comment #5

endee666 said: Plot was dumb & got annoying but HOLY SHIT SHE'S AWESOME!! That chick is hot as hell!! BRING HER BACK A LOT!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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