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Scene Title: Brazzers Line

Storyline: On this weeks episode of Brazzers Line our host Keiran Lee explores the ins and outs of the average American teen. Our subject is 19 year old sweetheart Jackie Daniels who is no stranger to partying and fucking and will give us a glimpse of everything she's good at.

Teen: Jackie Daniels

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What people are saying about: Jackie Daniels - Brazzers Line teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

carlester2 said: Man I loved this girl. She seem to be a nice girl, not a bitch like almost every pornstar. But in this shoot I kinda felt sorry for her, since it looked like she was in a lot of pain ^^ And I didn't like Keiran hitting her in the face, what a douchebag, even though I usually like the guy. You can tell she doesn't like it even though she's laughing. The squirtscene was awesome by the way :D. Keep it up.

Comment #2

jimboss2010 said: you kids are fucking stupid every sene i watch were a girl squirts you kids think its piss it its piss, piss has salt and water from the body, when the girl ejaculates!!!! its has glucose with is the same thing as sugar!!! now you tell me if piss has salt in it why the fuck would it taste sweet????

Comment #3

MissSnoogans said: Finally after a couple of cameo appearances, Jackie Daniels returns to be with Keiran...again. It's funny that Keiran went from acting like Robin Leach to a character from Mortal Kombat. Her tongue lash move didn't match his inner ear move that damaged her. She tried to pay him back with the acid spit move. Then he destroyed her with the back breaker move. Even more punishment with the torso rip move. The fatality was nasty as he finished her with the triple combo to finish her. Now that was a flawless victory. Snoogans!

Comment #4

LBoogie said: 91/2 out of 10, Jackie is almost perfect in every way, I just don't get that weird hair color she has, is she a true Brunette. The teens like it big scene story was right to the point, good thing, and the action, well Jackie looks to be a lot of fun in the bedroom, and all nude, including bare foot :) this girl can quickly become a teen favorite in porn, at this time! I didn't like a few edits, and camera angles, other than that, her best work from zz! Keep it up!

Comment #5

prmlfb2 said: love this girl, so freaking sexy!!!!! is she related to Penny Flame, should do a scene with them as sisters fucking their stepbrother!!!! I can play the stepbro....

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