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Teens Like It Big presents: Teen Slut fucking in the kitchen

Scene Title: Horny teen wants the big cock

Storyline: Amia's parents are out of town and she plans a party that nobody shows up to. Amia then calls up Scott and invites him and his friends over to party. Scott brings two friends and the group play a game before they split up in the house. The horny teen notices Scott's big dick and drags him to the kitchen to suck and fuck his fat cock.

Teen: Amia Miley

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What people are saying about: Amia Miley - Horny teen wants the big cock teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Brazzers!! Good job you finally did a teen scene that looks good. All teen scenes don't have to be in a pink with bright colors bedroom on a little twin bed with pink sheets and the girl wearing sneakers. Good job for a change, most of the scenes on "Teens Like It Big" Suck and i don't even waste my time watching. But this one was ok.

Comment #2

For the record, sign me for part two with Jewels and Jason. This teens like it big scene was so much more hot on many different from her last scene. I liked the slow pace they had at the fridge. It was a good build up of what was to come later. Her head game looks much improved. Not even Manwich has gotten that sloppy. Super fucking hot that her leg couldn't stop shaking from that big cock. The t-bone was hot as they clutched each others bodies. She was already good at riding cock and still sweet as sugar. I loved seeing her totally into the feeling she was getting as Scott would rub her clit while she rode. The doggy wasn't all that but that facial was the best a teen has taken. Welcome back Amia Miley cause you deserved it. Snoogans!

Comment #3

10 from me, I luv Amia, something about this girl! Her energy level has picked up big time, the last scene from here, was not so good. I've been following her, and noticed the change, she's really becoming something else, a little weight gain, would take her over the top. This teens like it big scene was good, like the setup, pants off, was nice, (her little ass, in those cute undies) back to the scene, the other two girls was a good add, for eye candy, I wish ZZ would include the names of extras, and continue the next updates, with them two. Camera work was good, but not great, some errors were made, and noticed easily, also caught some bad edit work, overall a winner though, Scott did a good job, of keeping her ass visible often, while giving it to her, also good facial, open mouth, tongue out!

Comment #4

Ill say that Amia deffa step her game up since the last scene with same actor. Maybe she listen or just more comfortable. either way she bring a lot more heat this one and almost melta dem format. c? i well know she much better and most rank

Comment #5

What a fucking beautiful and hot teen! And boy did she suck and fuck a load out of Scott. Great fucking facial. Loved her initial reaction to his size. Looked really genuine. The girl can act just enough to make the scene look real. After all, horny teenagers do like to fuck so that is real!!! More of this fine young thing, please!!!!

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