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Teens Like It Big presents: Missy Stone and her teeny tight ass slammed by a massive dick

Scene Title: What's yours is mine

Storyline: Missy was taking a bath in the afternoon , when her sisters boyfriend Criss came in unannounced. Now Missy is a smart girl and she wanted to know what kept her sister up all night.This innocent little teen loved Criss' big cock, She was ready to take it in every hole.

Teen: Missy Stone

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What people are saying about: Missy Stone - What's yours is mine teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

This is a brilliant vid from begining to the end. I've never been a big anal fan but it must have been so comfy to have your cock in deep up Missy's sweet ass. Brazzers movies are the most enjoyable porn movies I've ever seen, far superior to the productions offered by all the mainstream hardcore dvd studios. The stories are entertaining. The girls great performers sexually and indeed in the way they convincingly play the roles, and bring the stories to life. Missy is such a beautiful girl and and the same time she is so great in the way she exudes sluttiness. She is a complete horny guys fantasy come true. I just love her!

Comment #2

Hot chick.... would love to see her come back. But, guys, u run a site about big dicks.... so, make sure you get girls who can actually give a good blowjob to a guy with a big dick....duh! Missy only went down like three inches on that guy. I've seen better performances.

Comment #3

cameraman did it again , she had her hands on her ass , going up & down , titties bouncing and he runs behind her to film her backside , what the fuck ? i'm tired of watching the back of girls when they film a cowgirl position , show the front asshole ....maybe for 25 seconds out of 3 minutes !!!

Comment #4

God damn, this was a great teens like it big scene! She squirts, takes it in the ass, and has a decent ass on her. I agree with MaryJane 100% on this scene. I hope to see Missy come back for future scenes. I'd also like to see someone other than Criss in the TLIB scenes! For the love of god, please do that. She was good with the fake conversation too. Criss kept mixing his lines up in this scene, he needs to work on that a little bit. I'll give it a 9/10.

Comment #5

The award for young naughty slut goes to...Missy Stone. This makes my third installment of teens like it big. The setup wasn't bad. Do all guys walk around with a hard on just to take a bath? Thanks Missy for knowing how to pretend to carry on fake conversation on the phone. I thought it was pretty silly that the camera was filming the water fill the tub. She has got a pretty decent ass on her. The sex was really damn hot. I know it's the best on Feb. 19 dates of teens like it big. He fucked her real good. We actually got to see her cum in doggy. By the time Missy comes back(fingers crossed) she will know how to really show the squirting. Kudos to Missy for taking it in the ass and deep throating as much as she could. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

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