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Teens Like It Big presents: Madison Ivy wants a big cock to fuck her

Scene Title: Cock-Craving Teen

Storyline: Madison is craving a big cock and is picking up the first one who says he has a big dick. Back to his place, she is introduced to Jordan, the stepfather. After a little family argument, Jordan sends his stepson to his room and keeps Madison all to himself just by showing her his monster cock, which she is dying to get a taste of.

Teen: Madison Ivy

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What people are saying about: Madison Ivy - Cock-Craving Teen teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

pornomania said: this is the best scene in the teens like it big site. great job jordan. you guys need to put her and madison scott together. give ivy some titts please. she is deffinatly sexy and she likes it hard. you got my vote madison. this scene is a perfect 10 .

Comment #2

ZZEurope24 said: Madison Ivy is in my top 5 girls for sure. She is soooo hot, what a fantastic body !. Love the fingers in the ass. She sucks cock like no one else and is so hot. Love watching her. Incredible scene ! please give us an anal scene soon Madison !!

Comment #3

thomasbali said: Awesome teens like it big scene! But my mind is actually divided because you guys who think she enjoys it is mistaken in my apinion. That dick is just to big for the little Madison, you can see it especially in the doggy part and in the misionary in the end. She is even saying she cant take anymore but that just makes Mr. Jordan fuck her as hard and deep as he can :). And here is my question for you guys: Am I the only one who acyually enjoy seeing the tiny little Madison struckling so much when she gets fucked by that big dick?

Comment #4

mikeh50 said: Camera guy,when she's riding cowboy, shoot them from straight behind,not to the side,behind is far,FAR sexier.Why do you continue to make lousy decisions?I'm convinced that your either the owner or part owner of the site and that nobody will tell you what is really on their minds for fear of losing their jobs,because I'd have fired your dumb ass along time ago,oh and Madison has a nice tight little body and a great little butt.why wasn't she in pig tails,it would have been much sexier.also she needs to learn how to suck a cock,not just gag on it,that ugh,ugh,ugh crap is so not hot,quit trying to go deep,you can't!

Comment #5

MissSnoogans! said: Who ever was holding the camera should give back some of that pay. Story should have been when son walks in and not to get embarrassed by his stepdad. They go into another room and Jordan looks over stepson's shoulder at Madison. Since you guys totally missed her sexy outfit. That was pretty much a wasted outfit. As you all well know by now that read my comments, I'm a huge fan of cowgirl. Thanks for giving us the shitty side view of her cute ass. Since this isn't about boobs on this site and about teens taking big cocks. How about focusing on the penetration. It got slightly better with the doggy. Nice reverse cradle thrown in. The view got somewhat better when she got all over that cock in reverse cowgirl. It's a damn shame this scene could have been mega hot. Instead Madison got shafted due to lousy camera work. Sexy looking at the camera though after the cumshot. Snoogans!

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