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Scene Title: Big Dick Drawing 101

Storyline: Freshly transfered from art school, Brynn enteres her first day in a new art class. After looking at her work, the teacher decides to give her a challenge...a real life model to draw. She immidiatly notices his big package and starts to draw it. She cannot believe how big it is and therefore must see it up close and personal. Johnny shows her just how the big it really is by drilling her repeatedly.

Teen: Brynn Tyler

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What people are saying about: Brynn Tyler - Big Dick Drawing 101 teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

As I've done a couple times in the past...I have to agree with MissSnoogans. Brynn Tyler is just fucking hot and this may be her best teens like it big scene to date. The old Johnny Sins came out in this scene, which only made it that much better, The slapping her face for being to loud is one of the little things they did in this scene to make it even hotter. Her tits are awesome, I'm glad she hasn't run out and gotten fake ones. I hope she never does. I've always found her hot, maybe because I was always into Tara Reid and Brynn looks so much like her....but either way, she's hot and I think the sex in this teens like it big scene was hot, the slapping only added to the passion in this scene. The only thing that could have made this scene better was if Brynn did anal....and if she ever does, I'll be all over that shit. I'd like to know if she does it in her personal life and not on film or if she doesn't/hasn't done it at all yet... I hope you keep bringing Brynn back for more scenes, and in the future don't limit your future sites to require "Big Tits" because you leave out a lot of chicks with natural tits that are hot.. 8/10

Comment #2

I can't believe Gerald didn't show back up at the end to go along with the story. Brynn wasted no time eye balling what she wanted. Johnny can't help but have that smirk on his face when he's about to kill that kitty. They shared about equal time giving each other oral. I believe he won that battle as she came in his mouth. Damn I loved how he was just digging in those guts. Plus him being spontaneous by smacking her for being too loud was hot. He continued his devastation in doggy. She got to take care of some business when she got to ride. Always good to see a cradle to piledriver transition. If she had a dirty mouth, Johnny hit her with the Orbit cumshot right on her pretty whites. Snoogans!

Comment #3

This was a great scene! I liked seeing Johnny get a little rougher than he usually does! He always plays the gentlemen. It's about time he gets a little dirtier!

Comment #4

i love brynn. she looks like tara reid...back when tara reid was hot

Comment #5

Can't wait for this scene with the incomparable Johnny Sins!! He's a muscular statue cum to life!!!

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