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Scene Title: Freaky Deaky

Storyline: The wide generation gap between Madison and her mom Phoenix is more than evident. They simply cannot understand each other. On a Thursday night after a disagreement, both receive a fortune cookie which causes them to switch bodies next day. Now that Phoenix is trapped in a young body, she will waste no time de-virginizing her ass.

Teen: Madison Parker

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What people are saying about: Madison Parker - Freaky Deaky teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

joyjody303 said: Well, that was fab.... She sure can handle two large cocks well, she seems so young but totally at ease. She's beautiful. And the guys that wasn't Keiran was cute, you need more shots of his face... His enjoyment was so hot.... Porn isn't just for guys, guys. Grow up. I wish it was just as easy to look up male porn stars as it is to look up female ones. That would be my request, and more shots of the guys faces...!!!!

Comment #2

Ipodisgod said: OMFG if its not anal its fucking Ramon with him making them squirt,,, its the only way he can make them get off... how pathetic. After my subsctiption is over im never sighing up for this site again... going to the one that knowss what there doing and accutally listens to there fans...

Comment #3

topcuts said: this is great you took my teens like it big scene suggestion of a many months ago and its hot,it would be nice if she talked alittle more about her young tight body and there young bodies ,thus maybe refence to how she liked that hot body she was in, and how good it felt.... if u need some help with scenes again contact me ... i have more and i can help with what they maybe could say thanks for diong my scence !!!!! i can help u guys..keep a open mind i know what makes us guys hard ,,its more tahn just fucking in the talk too

Comment #4

MissSnoogans said: Cool to know Phoenix has a scene coming. However she damn sure doesn;t fit the milf role just yet in her career. I would have never of guess a Freaky Friday spoof would happen. Damn Miss Parker just don't know. She's got a beautiful face to match her ass. Keiran wasted no time getting head first and jumping into the doggy. Danny was trying to kill it with shoulder clutch doggy. Keiran was on fire with the spoon and cowgirl. Holy shit she called for Danny so she could get DP'ed. It takes one helluva chick to ask/beg for it harder and more of it. Keiran nailed her with an awesome facial. She just surpassed ninety percent of the teens in the game with one scene. Snoogans!

Comment #5

LBoogie said: 10 out 10! Madison is a pretty/cute star, the teens like it big scene was well performed, and a very hard pounding she got, she's a nasty young lady. I hope she don't get burned out, those dudes aren't your regular size pumping her holes like that. The only issue I had with this scene was the between dp angle, I didn't need to see the guys balls and cracks, a little shorter next time k!

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