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Scene Title: Jumping On the Opportunity

Storyline: Angelica's friends pussy is sore because her boyfriend Keiran fucked her too hard with his big dick. To buy a little time from her next fuck her friend decides to go grocery shopping, while Keiran chills out with Angelica. Being the horny sneak that she is, Angelica tricks Keiran into believing her friend wants to have a threesome and wants them to practice a little before she gets home.

Teen: Angelica Heart

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What people are saying about: Angelica Heart - Jumping On the Opportunity teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

JJamNeutron said: Angelica is adorable! I love dark haired girls with bright eyes! She looks a lot like a neighbor I used to have who I had the pleasure of sleeping with a time or two! Keiran wasn't half bad either which surprised me since he tends to annoy the living shit out of me.

Comment #2

Fentoozler said: Great job with the pigtails! Women need to learn, though - if your pussy hurts from sex, you should have let him titfuck you more! Angelica is very cute. I'd like to see her face really get splattered with at least a double shot of cum.

Comment #3

MissSnoogans said: I've stated it before that I don't like talking about the extras. I have to say that Nikki has been trimming down and looking even better lately. I didn't expect much of a story since her English wasn't good. She still has some baby fat on her. Her makeup and tan weren't very good. She gave a good effort during the bowl of head. As you can always tell with Keiran, he is way too for these teens to take. Yes the more experience one has the better the scene. The got good for us but bad for her was the doggy and spooning. He was pounding her like his cock was a wrecking ball trying to demolish an underground city. Other than her asking him to go slow one time during doggy, gotta give the chick big kudos for hanging in there. Snoogans!

Comment #4

rioman69 said: OMG my favorite pornstar and she's in the states getting American cock. Another great Brazzzers coup!

Comment #5

B-Twin1 said: Angelica Heart is 26. Also, if eurobabes were a bag of cookies, the the ones Brazzers shoots would be the "do not eat" silica gel baggies left on the bottom. Teen talent crisis seems to be at its peak.

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