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Scene Title: I Told You No boys in the House!!!

Storyline: Eve was supposed to babysit Jordan's kids. Instead she brings her boyfriend over to fuck her at Jordan's place. Jordan finds out and gets so pissed, he gives Eve the lesson of her life: His big fat cock ripping her tight asshole apart!

Teen: Eve Nicholson

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What people are saying about: Eve Nicholson - I Told You No boys in the House!!! teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

ZZEurope24 said: One of the best if not the best brazzers teens like it big scenes I've ever seen !. This scene is a keeper on the hardrive !. Eve is incredible. She looks smoking hot and took Jordans cock so good. It was like her holes were made fo his cock. Love this scene and how Jordan fucked her. Love how he switched between ass and pussy. The positions were so hot and showed Eve off perfect. He had that teen ass gaping so wide. Amazing scene brazzers. PLEASE GET MORE teen anal scenes !.

Comment #2

MissSnoogans! said: You guys didn't waste anytime with the story. Jordan wasn't fucking around when he punked dude out the house. Not a boyfriend in the world would turn down sex and rather make out. Eve looked to naughty for anything other than sex. She seems too young to be gapped so wide. Gotta give her props for taking in either hole back and forth like that. I don't think she has a limit to how far she will go. This has to one of the rare scenes on brazzers where a chick queefs that much. Glad the piledriver was thrown in. Snoogans!

Comment #3

blo8132 said: anal is cool as long as her snatch isn't all beat up.... i regular the anal sites but you have to be in the mood if your not in the mood dont watch... all porn is a beautiful thing.... haters beware one day you chick will ask you to put it in her ass when your needle dick gets lost in her vagina hahahaha merry christmas..

Comment #4

reppid said: My first ever brazzers comment! I may be pretty drunk, well it is xmas day, but i thought this was a perfect scene, what a little sl*t, and jordan knew how to handle her perfectly! much more convincing than the one he did with that girl with stockings for teens like it b. Eve seems so up for his massive-ness! Happy Holidays brazzers users!x

Comment #5

Donald1207 said: Wow Brazzers really did a wonderful job with this teens like it big scene! Jordan really used and abused Eve's holes in this video, this guy really knows how to put a couple of orifices to the test! Whatever Brazzers' paid Eve, they sure got their moneys worth as both her holes really got blown out big time, and the queefing was confirmation that they were used properly :) Keep up the good work Brazzers, whoever directed this scene needs a bit extra in their Christmas bonus! By the way, more scenes with queefing included in them would be much appreciated :)

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