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Teens Like It Big presents: Jackie Daniels finishes her day with a huge dick

Scene Title: The Cock Next Door

Storyline: Jackie has just finished organizing her dorm room after moving in and feels the need to relax. She crawls into bed with a book but is distracted by the banging on the walls from next door. Usually she decides to join in on the action by playing with her vibrator but this time she is intrigued by the fact that the women is balling out that her man's cock is tearing her apart. When the girl storms out she questions herself weather a tiny girl like herself could handle a cock that size. She confidently takes the challenge and heads for next door

Teen: Jackie Daniels

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What people are saying about: Jackie Daniels - The Cock Next Door teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

tjw158 said: I love this scene, and Jackie is delicious! She is a refreshing newcomer, we have to see more of her. I'm not a big fan of her tattoo, but its alright. I am looking at nice tits, cute ass and gorgous face.

Comment #2

blang13 said: She is seriously cute, but the whole "innocent young college girl with cotton panties" thing is just slapped in the face, by the gigantic tatoo inked across her side. Ruins the fantasy a little for me.

Comment #3

MissSnoogans! said: I knew I should have watched the Sienna scene last. Sorry Jackie but I wasn't impressed as I was a couple months ago on RK. The story was decent. Melissa that has been showing up doing cameos really rocks. I'm split on the blowjob. Yes she did deep throat him but the bowl of head needed a pulse. I really can't think of one thing that she did that was above average. Well I guess she did suck his balls and lick his taint. That doesn't happen hardly at all. Yes she is cute but her body changed in a bad way. If Harvey Dent flipped his coin, then we got the burned side. At least the facial was sweeter than a whiskey sour. Snoogans!

Comment #4

Go_Broncos said: Jackie looks hot as did the blonde chick at he beginning. Does anyone know her name?

Comment #5

rioman69 said: Awesome teens like it big scene coming, and keep Kieran he is one of the few that doesn't distract me with ugliness. Has the right cock for these too...lets face it... This chick is a cutie!

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