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Scene Title: Karaoke? Suck My Dick!

Storyline: Kiara and Kiera are best friends who love to get really drunk at parties. The party they are attending this evening is extremely boring and none of the guys are sexy. To spice things up, Scott gets the girls to sing some karaoke and boy oh boy do they put on a show worth watching. Scott grabs the mic and sings a song that reveals that he has a humongous dick.

Teen: Kiara Diane

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What people are saying about: Kiara Diane - Karaoke? Suck My Dick! teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

BigL said: Alright, I'll start by saying, this could have been a real good teens like it big scene, but unfortunately it's not, (I'll give my score at the end) The girls are fine little things, especially the Blonde Kiara, she has a sexy body, and face, the Brunette isn't so bad herself, not quite as pretty, but has a great little ass, which I was glad, got good air time. The Blonde did not have enough movement throughout the scene, but the Brunette has lots of potential, she just needs to get more in control, rather than waiting for things to happen. The Blonde needs to develop a character for herself, being good looking isn't going to do it. The scene highlights, Brunette doggy (both times) while eating the Blonde out, also her in cowgirl, as for the Blonde, reverse cowgirl was her shinning moment, she actually moved a bit. Their giving head skills are so/so the Brunette K is a few steps better in that department also, pop shot was good, could have been better, with a swap! 8 out 10, cause they were fully naked, including the shoes.

Comment #2

MissSnoogans said: Damn back to back weeks of the smash hit of "Girls just wanna get fucked". Then Scott does the remix of "Big Boobs are Bliss". Even got a cameo from Kayla Carrera. I laughed so hard at this, it should have been on Comedy Central. Kiara needs at least one scene on ZZ by herself. Kiera King made one fucking impressive debut. That chick fucking rocked this scene. She just reeked of sex appeal from the jump. She very confident and cocky. She even knows what she wants. Scott is just pumping away on Kiara and Kiera just smoothly place herself in doggy. He fired on her twice in doggy. Kiara was just killing it when she got a chance to ride him. Both these chicks need their own scenes quickly. Snoogans!

Comment #3

rush21123 said: liked the blonde the small natural tities were a nice change from the usualy bad boob jobs Nix the heavy eyeliner , takes away from the girl next door vibe

Comment #4

itzmcnasty said: Fuck. Stop putting Kiara Diane with some other chick. Give her a scene by herself. She's fucking hot but I don't wanna see some other nobody getting in the way.

Comment #5

rioman69 said: wow wow wow.....great teens like it big scene looks like. what a HOT new girl. all shaved up and gorgeous.

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