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Teens Like It Big presents: Lexi Belle gets a big dick for her party

Scene Title: The Prestigious Illusionist

Storyline: It's Lexi Belle's birthday and she wants to go out to party with her friends, but her mom has other plans for her: she brings him Magician extraordinaire Scott "The Incredible" Nails. He turned out to be a pathetic magician with nothing too impressive. Good thing he could read her mind and gave her what he really wanted inside his hat: his big fat long hard erect cock for her to celebrate and fuck her with.

Teen: Lexi Belle

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What people are saying about: Lexi Belle - The Prestigious Illusionist teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

robb201 said: Holy shit! This was one hot teens like it big fucking scene. Lexi was great in this scene. The argument with her mother sounded pretty realistic and that dress looked cute on her. The magic tricks from Scott were fucking hilarious, lol. I like how they pointed out the quarter fell on the floor. It was great. The sex was great, she was really into it. She had such an innocent looking face while he was pounding her it was excellent. Overall, this teens like it big scene was a top contender for Scene of the Week. 9/10.

Comment #2

MissSnoogans! said: Now this scene rocked hard. Soon as the story went through and Scott pulled his cock out. Damn Lexi Belle is something else. I was truly impressed with her overall skills. I see why she has made her third appearance on TLIB. She is cute with a really sweet boobs and a candy ass. This might have been the best cowgirl I have seen on TLIB in forever. Nice swallow too. Snoogans!

Comment #3

rem said: can Scott Nails give a facial?, is it allowed?, seems like he only really did it for the Jacks series for Digital Playground ..?, looks like it be really EZ for him to just put his dick over a girl and just give her a facial how come its never done .. (yes I'm complaining from the lack of facials on Brazzers, and quality ones at that when they are delivered)

Comment #4

jlmon415 said: Lexi's back but this storyline is fucking lame. What about just bringing these stupid cunts out in lingerie and let them choke on the cock? get rid of the gay ass costumes and shit and let's get to the ass. I'm out.

Comment #5

Scotsman23 said: Lexi back, its gonna be a good week !! shes by far the best "teen" girl brazzers is using. I too would love to see Lexi being used much more regularly on the site. She could be used in TLIB, PLIB or Doctor Adventures.

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