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Scene Title: Bigger than Friendship

Storyline: Hailey is so upset after finding lipstick on her boyfriend's dick!She reaches out to her best friend, Lindy, to tell her about her asshole boyfriend. But her friend Lindy knows all too well about Hailey's boyfriend and the lipstick on his she is the bitch who put it on his dick.

Teen: Lindy Lane

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What people are saying about: Lindy Lane - Bigger than Friendship teenslikeitbig episode

Comment #1

Go_Broncos said: Wow! Lindy is impressive!!!!!!!!!! Silentjack, I requested Hailey in a scene with Jenna Haze, but have yet to see it happen. Hailie replied and said she would love to do it!!!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!!!!!

Comment #2

MissSnoogans said: Well I actually thought the setup was pretty damn hot. It just ran too long with Hailey crying. What got me wet was on Hailey's end and hearing the blowjob. Have to give props to ZZ for having a chick that hasn't been on those "other" sites. The way Pure18 has been killing it. I'm shocked they missed out on Lindy. Any way the sex was straight up raw and uninhibited. Keiran showed her no mercy and she wanted more. None of the positions really stood out. It was the way he fucked her like she'd been around for five years or something. Even though I'm not understanding the cum in the eye, the facial was pure money. Snoogans!

Comment #3

Jordan72 said: I think the sucking on the phone...and talking to the girlfriend at the same time is so hot. I am not sure if there is a term for that or something like talking to the spouse while he/she is in the other room while getting fucked....whatever that is...can we have more of that???

Comment #4

nestropolis said: Keiran loves working over these first timers. He's always stepping on their heads and blowing in their eyes it's funny. This girl was DTF fo sho! She is really cute and took it well. Def was a great cork soaker, would not be surprised to see her back again and again. I wont complain!!

Comment #5

BrianNIL said: I agree that Brazzers needs a whole site dedicated to socks. Knee-high striped tube socks. In fact, why bother having a girl in the scenes? Needless expense. Just men fucking pairs of hot socks. HQ pics of the socks in all kinds of provocative poses. Call it Socks Like it Big. Cocks so big they can reach the heel of the sock. Even the toes! Stretch those socks out, studs. Oh god, I'm going sock shopping right now.

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